The 432 Hz music benefits are well known but something less spoken of is the power of the diapason at 432 Hz. It seems like a fork but it has something special: the power of healing.

Diapason is a very useful tool known for its healing characteristics. At the beginning they were invented to create a pure tone to which musicians could tune their instruments. Then, expecially in the last four decades, they became important tools also in medicine and alternative therapies.

The tool for physical and emotional pains

It seems like its sound can release the stress bringing away negative thoughts. But it can also relax physical pains. One of its main use on the physical body is to help articulations, connective tissue and to restore movement and flexibility. When you apply it near the area you need to it stimulates the flow of lymph and blood in that part of the body speeding up the healing process. It just needs a few applications to transmit the sound waves throughout the nervous system and the entire body. That happens because they can eliminate their own overtones within a few seconds of striking.

The ears play a very important role in this process, because they re-trasmit the sounds to the nervous system and via the nerves to the major organs. It can also be really useful to balance and regulate the metabolism of all organs which have direct link to the auditory nerve.

Another important part of the body are the bones. They are a particulary good conductor of sound and thanks to their density the speed and the radiating of the sound to all bones involved it’s faster. It definitely is the most effective method of treating whole zones of the body.

The ideal diapason for the inner healing

The main reason why the diapason is known, is its power to heal the inner pains. It can have a power effect on the entire nervous system, creating deep relaxation. That’s why we can use it also to balance and to heal our aura.

For the inner healing process the diapason suggested is the 432 hz. As we know, the effect of 432 hz music is magical but can you imagine the healing effect of the 432 hz music combined with diapason healing power? Someone could and that’s why now we have a diapason who can plays also on this frequency. It’s called “The Verdi’s diapason” because the musician was one of the first who recognized the power of 432 hz music and he chose to play on that frequency. The benefits of “The Verdi’s diapason” are basically the same of both of them which are already very similar.

The diapason at 432 hz helps to find an instantaneous and deep state of relaxation increasing the clearity of mind and the brain functions.
In particular its sound can relieve stress and it can stimulate the physical and mental energy, increasing the concentration. Mainly when it’s intoned on sacral frequencies it brings the nervous system on balance. When you hit a diapason the vibration of the sound awakes the cellulars vital energy, favouring a deep happiness in the inner of our conscience.

So it seems like The Verdi’s diapason is the perfect tool for someone whom has physical pains, anxiety, stress, tension, loss of energies, disturbed nervous system and fatigue. But it is also a must  have for someone who doesn’t have any of them but just wants to have a complete and deep self- care.


If you’d like to try a good diapason, we suggest you this