Your love relationship is often the biggest investment o your life. For this reason is important that you do not ignore moments of crisis or walk away when things start to get worse. I will help you to improve your relationships with your partner and your children as well. Family therapy is a counseling service which focusses on the family unit as a whole instead of individual. My aim is to help your family through tough times and challenges and support all of you going through a life-changing journey.

Couple relationship are crucial to an individual’s wellbeing. I will help you to regain closeness, passion, fun and intimacy with your partner. I will also help you to repair your problems, deal with resentment and move towards a more supportive and joyful relationship. You will learn how to communicate efficiently with your beloved one.

And if you really want and need to break up I will help you to minimise damage and help you to move on.


How do you know if you need a couple counseling?

  • You constantly criticise and fight with each other
  • You and your partner don’t understand each other needs
  • You feel resentful, unloved and lonely
  • You both lost the connection with each other
  • You and your partner don’t seem to be in the same parenting page
  • You don’t face sensitive issues and you have communication problems
  • You feel there is an other person who is harming your love relationship
  • You argue with each other also for small things 
  • You are suffering for the jealousy and controlling behavior from your partner 
  • You feel scared of commitment
  • You want to divorce but you have fears to do it well
  • Your intimacy with your partner does not work anymore 


How do you know if you need a family counselling?

  • You struggle to manage children emotions and behavioral difficulties
  • Adjustment to parenting (including pre-and-post natal depression and anxiety)
  • Your family members don’t communicate with each other efficiently
  • You want to improve the relationship between you, your partner and your children 
  • You want to help your child who is suffering for something but you don’t know  what to do
  • You don’t know how to cope with your teenager changes