I help you to take care of yourself

“There is no light without shadows and there is no psychic fullness without imperfections. Life requires for its realisation not perfection, but fullness. Without imperfection there is neither progress nor growth”.
(Carl G. Jung)

The wish to improve yourself is a great journey! By going trough them, you will learn much more about yourself, and you could see your bright and dark sides, and to love and accept them as well. But you need to be aware that it is not going to be a linear path and you may go through joyful moments as well as feeling stuck and in crisis.

Caring for oneself always has a premise that is love for oneself. To know oneself, there are needs, desires, passions and powerful forces which if you have not accepted, they may hinder the growth process. One can take care of oneself in many ways, but being devoted to one’s personal growth is what I consider the most profound and effective approach.

However, it is not for everyone. It is a push, that you must feel inside. A little voice that whispers to you that it is time to know more. Think of it as your research to grow up and be happy.

Remember also that, whatever guide you will choose to help you in your personal growth, it will only represent an “instrument”, which perhaps will prompt you to reflect in some circumstances and act without fear in others, but when you find your own resources, you will be able to go forward independently. After that, the true process of growth will unfold.

My aim is to help you develop your self-esteem. That is to make you understand your value, to improve your emotional communication skills, your relationship with yourself and with the other people and to give voice to your feelings, in order to make your life more satisfying.