Pain and stress is a natural part of life. But we should never ignore when the grief and stress hamper out daily activities and make us feeling constantly unhappy. I will help you to manage the stress in your life and to identify and work with your feelings in order to recover the balance and serenity you truly deserve. When we feel stressed and overwhelmed is easy to forget to taking care of ourselves and even a small break feels like a luxury. Actually, to look after ourselves is the only luxury which everybody should never give up to. Relationship problems, health issues, workplace stress, trauma and low self-esteem can all cause mental problems. If you spend to much time worrying about things and feel nervous, tense, and stressed, you may experience high levels of stress constantly and our physical health and well-being can be seriously compromised. Stress does not exist in isolation, often co-existing with other mental health concerns including anxiety, sadness, eating disorders, difficulty sleeping, attention  and memory problems, etc.

How do know you need a psychological support?

  • You feel helpless, apathetical, hopeless
  • You struggle with concentration and making decisions
  • You have difficulty sleeping (insomnia, early-morning wakefulness or excessive sleeping)
  • You easily get angry and/or sad
  • You lost interests in activities or hobbies once pleasurable
  • You are eating a lot or you lost appetite
  • You feel persistently sad, flat or overwhelmed
  • You developed phobias, panic attacks and shortness breath
  • You worry too much for everything
  • You feel chest pain and chest tightness, heart palpitations, tremors, digestive problems that are not medically related


Maybe you have a good job, you live in a nice and cozy house and you have an intense social life. Nothing is really bad, but at the same time you feel that nothing is going as you would. You may feel like you did not fully realise your dreams, or feel stuck, oppressed, confused, and do not know how to get out of all of this. Very often, people get stuck in their lives and need a different perspective and framework to move them out of ‘stuckness’ into a compelling and meaningful future.

I will help you to establishfuture direction, setting a clear path forward, setting well-formed outcomes and goals and help you to realize yourself properly.

How do you know you may need to change your path?


  • You are dissatisfied with the your job and/or your relationships
  • You can‘t get a grip
  • When everything seem to be on track you don’t feel happy
  • You feel paralyzed by the fear of change
  • You are not capable to direct your life anymore
  • You feel trapped