A woman’s Psychological wellbeing is closely related to elements such as psychophysical health, lifestyle and socio-cultural aspects. The roots of being a woman are embedded in a complex group of elements: one’s own family system of reference, the personal system of values closely connected.

The women circle is a supporting group where women can express and address specific elements and lifecyclesof women. The main focus of these groups is to promote women psychological well-being by creating moments of sharing in order to improve the relationships with themselves and with others and elaborate themes concerning the relational and psychological aspects from the life cycle and linked to the female identify. Well-being is accomplished trough the contact with vitality, the presence and reflection of others.

In these groups women are free to tell each other their own stories and emotions and they can recognize and recover the true essence of being a woman. For this reason the group is precious source, a mirror and container of emotions (pain, pleasure, fear, anger, gratitude, waiting) experiences and memories.

This group is for women who want

to share their life stories and emotions
to improve their own relationships with partners, family and friends
to look for different point of views and ways to face problems
to recover the deep dimension of being a woman

The main topics are closely related to the age and the phase of the life cycle that is going through. Women will help each other for

– discovering, understanding and exploring the all dimensions of being a women
understanding the woman role between imagination and reality
– finding out the personality aspects shared by all women and how to make them as a valuable resource
making contact with your body image
understanding the aspects related to women pleasure and sexuality
– perceiving and accepting the differences between men and woman worlds and how the two universes can complete each other
figuring out the aspects related to men’s sexuality women point of view
sharing the feelings of sadness, frustration and anger during the months after childbirth
– sharing the next phase of “emotional” rehalititation after dealing with serious illness or major surgery 

Creative techniques provide valuable support to the narration, and for this reason they are widely used during the women meetings:

  • Drawing
  • Body exercises
  • Narrative technique
  • Meditation
  • Autobiographical narration
  • Diary