In recent years, more and more individuals are experiencing high levels of stress and conflict in the workplace. Work stress can be absolutely detrimental to our physical and mental health. Indeed, we will always come into contact with stressors, especially at work. For this reason is important that you have the skills to ensure you don’t let stress response become prolonged.

I will help you to manage your stress and career by giving you concrete tools to quickly reduce intense stress response.

As an Occupational psychologist and Cipd qualified I provide counselling to employees and employers and coaching and guidance services to students and employees for helping them to run their careers.

I teach how to write effective CVs and applications forms; I prepare people for interviews and assessments, helping them being more confident and improving their communication skills.

I also work with people who have no idea what they want to do as a career, helping them find their path.

If you are an unemployed person or a school leaver I will help you to:

  • explore suitable job preferences and career options
  • reduce psychological barriers to employment, training or education
  • focus on career development
  • identify further training and study needs
  • write job applications and prepare for interviews
  • cope with long-term unemployment and financial stress
  • cope with bornout
  • dial with negative emotions in the workplace



We help Employers and Supervisors:

  • assess employees’ job capacity and workplace functioning
  • assess and manage threats
  • support employees with a psychological injury
  • develop return to work plans following a psychological injury
  • resolve workplace conflict and disputes
  • develop team/group dynamics
  • improve workplace culture
  • education and training in the workplace