Your journey is ready to start!

Do you feel that your life is getting out of control to the point where you feel that you are not actually living it?
Do you feel that you are missing something but you do not know what it is?
Do you feel elusive towards others and yourself?
Or are your concerns about something different but you want to share them so that you can first understand the true meaning behind them?

Let me take you on an extraordinary journey that will help you understand, love and respect yourself, and realise who you are.

Hello and welcome!

My name is Alessandra. I love journeys and I like listening to others and their stories! In my imagination, the most adventurous, intense and profound trips are those that are made by sea. I will explain more of what I do here.

If you like the idea of leaving for an exciting and explorative trip with me and you want to tell me your story, then you are in the right place! I have a compass, maps and I am a passionate navigator!

You steer the rudder, but I will be by your side to help you direct the sails.

In every journey, you may have to deal with unexpected events and you can find yourself coping with difficult situations never encountered before. Sometimes you may get angry, because you still do not know how to use the compass. On some trips you will not want to stop, other times you just want to retreat. Under all circumstances, I will respect your wish.

The psychological relationship is a journey without time or space. I deeply believe that every journey and every relationship can change important aspects of our own life. Psychological therapy for me is a real journey made by two people who create a relationship based on mutual esteem and trust. It is a journey of discoveries, emotions, growth and care.

There are several boats, so choose the one you prefer and together we will plan the itinerary. We will talk about many things, we will draw, write, play some games and even meditate if you want.

The advantages of this trip

I am sure you will feel much richer at the end of this journey. You will understand the knowledge of the winds and how to shelter from them, the memories that make you, you will remember “unknown” languages, bright colours and the sense of nausea that inevitably every good navigator has experienced.

Our relationship will become stronger and will help you have courage. You may well tell me secrets you often never told anyone, disappointments you still feel the weight of, (related to your parents, your beloved ones, your worries).

Words are precious gifts, they have the power to cure sadness, obsessions and negative thoughts. Some pains will cease to be and some questions will be answered.

I do not want to erase your bad memoriesthey define your story and who you are! I prefer to take the bad memories, look deep into them with you and find out what important part of you they tried to hide until now, In this way you will save your personal history, you will know the truth and you will feel free.

The trip will last a while. I cannot tell you exactly how long, it depends a lot on your requests and the itinerary you will choose. It is true, I am the guide, do not forget that you steer the boat.